Baseball, Basketball, Beer Pong, Billiards, Cornhole, Cricket, Curling, Darts, Football, Disc Golf, Golf, Hockey, Lacrosse, Poker, Racquet Ball, Rock-Paper-Scissors, Rugby, Soccer, Softball, Squash, Table Tennis, Tennis, Video Games, Volleyball … whatever your game or sport, Brutal Game Gear is for you!

Why Brutal?

To be Brutal is to be punishingly hard.  Anyone who has ever trained or competed in a sport has experienced this first hand.  Not only is the road to becoming a champion hard, but so are the bumps along that road.  Even the most gifted and talented have experienced hardships on their way to finding their victory.

Once we find our place on the podium, we then BECOME the brutality that tests others in their pursuits.  When we are done, we teach our children the same lessons that we learned.  It is a cycle as old as sport itself.

Brutal Game Gear is a brand that expresses that struggle and reminds us that it IS the hardships that make our successes twice as sweet.  Whether you play football, pool, poker or are a gamer, Brutal Game Gear will always remind you that the fight never ends.


The Brutal Game Gear logo is an adaptation of a biohazard symbol.  A biohazard is “a biological component that destroys human life.”  By changing the logo, we change the meaning.  Our interpretation is now, “a human that destroys the competition.”

A ball or circle is the universal symbol for sports.  The Brutal Game Gear symbol is comprised of three balls or circles.  The number three in this logo represents men’s, women’s and youth sports.  At the intersection of the circles are two glaring eyes, peering out into the world with the determination of a fierce competitor.